Daily Digest for May 31st

by Lon on May 31, 2009

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bought a new hard drive and forgot to buy a cable…. d’oh. [#]
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I’ve been eating multivitamins 2 years past due – these things don’t really expire do they? [#]
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Woke up real early and couldn’t sleep spending the morning reading ‘renewing the city’ by bob lupton [#]
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Reading: TIME’s The Future of Twitter – http://is.gd/KxqB (via @problogger) [#]
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my 2-year old daughter is reading reimagining church by @frankviola – she says it’s hers, and ‘not mine’. [#]
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Just went for a great walk outside with my daughter, and teaching her drums on rockband right now #liferocks [#]
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the entire first mac OS fit in 211k of disk space – you couldn’t fit their logo into that now. [#]
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TEDTalk – For all the designers – David Pogue’s talk on "Simplicity sells" [#]
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