Belkin N+ wireless router review

by Lon on August 28, 2009

Maybe i just got the one lame duck build out of a million.  but i’m returning mine immediately.

I did a lot of research and read about the great range for the dollar it provided – which would’ve been nice if it worked at all.

I’ve been in IT for a good part of my life, and i’m pretty sure the problem wasn’t me. 

besides being bulky and ugly, which i could really live with, it took forever to simply pick out my cable modem’s signal. 

There was a certain sequence and waiting period required for the cable box and then the router to be powered on.  All router instructions will say this, but most of them don’t actually require this.  My 10 year old dlink, syncs up in the event of a power failure without issue – not good for my family when i’m not around.

they had a firmware upgrade detected, but it wasn’t actually available anywhere on the belkin site.

setting up the wpa2 wireless connection required a reboot of the router – which ended up causing it to disconnect from the cable modem again since it didn’t follow the sequence. 

i really wanted this product to work well, but it just didn’t do it for me.  would love to hear if others had recommendations in the same range. 

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