Upgrading to Windows 7 From Vista SP1

by Lon on September 23, 2009

I’m currently running Windows Vista SP1 – and I’ve tried for months to upgrade to SP2, seriously.  I’ve tried every known tool, patch, fix.  Officially Microsoft support was helping, and looked into all my log files, everything, and we couldn’t resolve it for months.  They even sent me an additional free DVD of Vista because they were baffled as well. 

(Part of the issue was that while I have SP1 installed, and it shows up in my system profile, none of the SP2 upgrades can detect it). 

Problem is, I don’t want to have to install all my programs, tweaks, and settings all over again.  I’ve got Windows 7 on order, but I’m wondering if I need to upgrade in preparation at all. 

I’ve read conflicting reports that you simply need Vista and others that say Vista Service Pack 2.  Is there any chance I can get away with just upgrading directly to windows 7 with vista sp1, and that it will magically fix all my other issues?  or am I kidding myself?

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