Daily Digest for November 16th

by Lon on November 16, 2009

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strong fathers, strong daughters series begins monday on http://solarcrash.com ! [lon]
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we led our daughter sleep in our bed last night – big mistake – she kicked hard at our backs all night. [lon]
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The Decade in Seven Minutes – http://bit.ly/3mq8wy [lon]
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New blog post: You are the most important man in her life http://bit.ly/38uxu6 [lon]
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Lon Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters – Starting a new three-week series of posts from different guys around the world at http://solarcrash.com.
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holy smokes, the days move fast…. get on your boots. [lon]
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RT @mikeyil: Bacon flavored envelopes? http://bit.ly/1Z0InC – so awesome. [lon]
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Strong Father, Strong Daughters Group blogging series launches today – Read today’s by @martyschmidthttp://bit.ly/38uxu6 [lon]

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